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Renting a car

We have different partners for renting cars. All of them offer a high quality service, including transfers to/from the airport, the hotel, car delivery at the airport (Princess Juliana and Grand Case) hotel. All of them can propose you a wide range of vehicle.

For gasoline the Cadisco station offers 1 Euro=1$/


St Martin is the gastronomical capital of the Caribbean. From the traditional French gastronomical restaurant to the typical Caribbean “lolo”, you will find every kind of restaurant you would expect of such an international place.

“Bon appétit”.


The Dutch side is tax free for shopping; there are great saving on items such as jewelry, watches, electronics, tobacco and alcohol.

The French side is also delightfull for shopping. To compete with the Dutch side, many shops offer an exchange rate of 1€=1$ a saving of 20 to 30%. This saving can be found downtown Marigot and in all the malls.

All across the island you will find a wide variety of malls. Most of them focus on luxury items and leisure goods. We especially recommend the Blue mall in Porto cupecoy or the West Indies mall in Marigot.



Most of the best spots are located on the Dutch side but there are also a few good ones on the French side: with 55 options you should find the one that suits you. Fan of shipwreck you will be delighted by the diversity of diving adventures that the island offers.

Windsurfing / Kite boarding / Surfing and Stand up paddle

Orient bay and Le Galion beach are the main water sport location; you will find different clubs offering lessons and rentals. We recommend the Windy Reef club at le Galion, Jean seb and Helene, the owners will be pleased to welcome you to their beach and give any advice you need to improve or just enjoy a good session windsurfing,  stand up paddling,  kite boarding or a surfing.

If you come with your own equipment, we have a specific storage room. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on the best options depending on the weather conditions and your level.


Sailing in the Caribbean is always a dream come true. Crystal clear water and cool wind make the conditions perfect for exploring or sail racing. It’s one of the only places where you can race on a former America’s cup boat.


On the island you will find 36 beaches from the tiniest (lovers beach, 2 persons can come and that’s it) to the longest (Orient bay), the wildest (Tintamare island) the more civilized (Orient bay), to even one on which the planes almost land (Simpson bay).


There are 40 established trekking paths on the island mostly around Pic Paradis (442m) and the coast. Do not expect long trekking, the longest is 10km long. There are 15 paths around Pic Paradis that allow you to have an almost 360 ° view of the island and get some fresh air.  25 of them are around the coast.